Anahat Kaur
Institute Visual Communication
Basel School of Design FHNW HGK / UIC Chicago

Alt-Outputs 2020

Learning to use alternative display technology with Ted Davis.
I explored an Oscilloscope with the XYScope; a library for
Processing to render graphics on a vector display (oscilloscope)
by converting them to audio. I really enjoyed the visual quality
of the output. It felt like it is of another time. I decided to
use these visuals to give life to the works of Carl Sagan. "Pale Blue Dot"
is a famous speech by him and it seems quite relevant in
the current times. I guess I should have called this piece, "Pale Green Dot."

I used the XYscope Examples to understand how to make the most of the Oscilloscope.
Most of my explorations were using primitive shapes to create simple but fun code!

Tools used:
Analog Oscilloscope, Processing, Blackhole

Libraries used:
XYscope, minim, Geomerative, Video, OpenCV, ImageSequencePlayer, video-processing

Hope you enjoy this visual performance:

Behind the Scenes: